Mr. Abhimanyu Sable is Founder MD & CEO of ABS Fitness & Wellness Club. He has been in the field of fitness for last 28 years and trained more than 1 lac people through his clubs. Abhimanyu was also nominated for the "2003 ACE Fitness Professional of the Year Award" which was held in San Francisco USA in March 2003

He truly believe that in "a short period of time the fitness industry will become as much a daily part of people's lives as grocery shopping. People need physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes, three times a week to take care of their cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, stress reduction, weight control and general health. While awareness of the importance of fitness is now sweeping the nation

What will differentiate us in the marketplace is our focus on caring. It sets us apart as a fitness club and as a company to work with. Associates are encouraged to care for themselves through personal fitness and peak attitude. Secondly, staffs are encouraged to care for each other as ABS team members and to motivate one another to do their best for members. And most importantly, staff are asked to care for members, to look after their members' needs and interests as if their own.

Caring is the key value and philosophical component of the ABS culture. It attracts staff who care. It also attracts and keeps the type of members who consider caring to be an important component of their lives and life in general. In other words, we have decided to be a caring company."

Abhimanyu Sable is a pioneer for revolutionizing a contemporary and Premium day Fitness and Wellness Culture in India. Founder of ABS Fitness and Wellness Clubs, he has been instrumental in making fitness a glamourous, bubblier and fun way of life. With successful completion of 28 years in the fitness industry, Abhimanyu passion lies in motivating people to live a positive lifestyle with natural diet and exercises.


From humble beginnings as a fitness trainer, Abhimanyu is a leading fitness and wellness entrepreneur. Through his chain of twenty-five clubs, he has a dedicated team of 500 fitness professionals with over 60,000 members training hard towards a healthy lifestyle.


First Indian to be certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, Abhimanyu is the Founder President of United Health & Fitness Forum—India’s First Association for fitness clubs owners. He has represented India at several international fitness conferences and seminars organized under the aegis of International Health Racquets & Sports Club Association.


Abhimanyu reaches out his fitness mission to global audiences by conducting live sessions on diet and exercise on social media platforms. Abhimanyu is emulated as a role model, mentor and guide for many aspiring fitness trainers in the country. In the coming years, Abhimanyu aims to create more job opportunities for fitness professionals in the country.


Abs Fitness Pvt. Ltd. is an organization focused on promoting fitness and wellness with Abs Fitness and Wellness Clubs throughout India. Abs Fitness & Wellness Clubs are educating, motivating and helping Indians reach their fitness goals. Abs Fitness has proven experience in consulting and managing world-class facilities with cutting-edge expertise and personal touch.


Caring, Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Happiness, Passion Personal FitnessThey form our culture and are integrated into all of our member services. Our people exist to serve our members and help each one of them become stronger, healthier, and happier. Our staff, hired with our core values in mind, has the important job of motivating, coaching, and teaching our members.
























In ONE word. 


The entire concept of ABS rotates around fun. Fun is the integral part of ABS culture. 

Vibrant fun filled environment with scintillating music, softer exercise to start with, inhouse fun filled fitness competitions , Events and activities like Talent shows. Concept Dance parties, Beauty and Personality Pageants,fashion shows, member awards are some of the fun activities at ABS. 



In TWO words


ABS believes that an exercise program or staying active should always be safe first and  effective second. Safety procedures like member screening, medical assessment with inhouse Medical Doctor, prescribing safe exercises, complete focus on natural diets and no external supplementation and medication.  Staff training on CPR, first aid, emergency procedures is integral part of ABS. 


In Three words 


For ABS members come First. We listen to our members needs and wants and work towards fulfilling them. We are very sensitive to our members feedback, and are always readily available to connect. 


In FOUR words 


ABS provides individualised fitness program, nutrition assessment , inhouse physiotherapist sessions. Almost 50 different group classes a week. Specialised balance studios, outdoor activities, and many many more. 


In FIVE words 


ABS believes that exercise places should be inviting filled with positive energy. Each ABS club is developed on top class international standards. It’s equipment’s are worlds best, the ambience is truly five star and most importantly ABS staff are selected and trained on being warm and friendly. We are HERE to SERVE.

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